Warmest Welcome to All of You!

2 min readOct 26, 2021


Due to a recent response left by one of the visitors, I decided to share some words with everyone who visits here.

First of all, to all of you, no matter for what reason you visits my blog,

  1. I welcome you!
  2. I sincerely hope that you would learn or take something away!

This is a blog where I write and record tech stuffs I learned from work, at the same time, sharing those info to the internet, hoping it might just help someone who’s looking for ideas or solution.

Therefore, it will really make my day if you learn or take anything away from here, it is my honor to be able to share and help. This is how I learned (from internet) and is important that I share back too.

Please do understand that this blog is NOT a professional tech teaching blog, it is a free blog, so everything written here is “as is”. Everything written here works for me but might not work for you, so please use all info here as references only.

Lastly, sorry for being harsh, I am not obligated to make sure stuffs written here could be understood by all. If my blog is hard to understand, please refer to the reference link I put in the post if any.

  • I don’t owe you, please don’t take anything for granted.
  • Ask politely and I might try my best to get you answered.




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