K8S — DaemonSet, ReplicaSet and Deployment

2 min readMar 27, 2020


Yes, I love you and I hate you!

There are so many terms/things/elements whatever you call it in K8S. It is really brain and memory killing when studying it. Need to record down in the simplest way for memory refreshment and future reference.


A DaemonSet ensures that all (or some) Nodes run a copy of a Pod. As nodes are added to the cluster, Pods are added to them. As nodes are removed from the cluster, those Pods are garbage collected. Deleting a DaemonSet will clean up the Pods it created.


A ReplicaSet’s purpose is to maintain a stable set of replica Pods running at any given time. As such, it is often used to guarantee the availability of a specified number of identical Pods.


A Deployment provides declarative updates for Pods and ReplicaSets.

You describe a desired state in a Deployment, and the Deployment Controller changes the actual state to the desired state at a controlled rate. You can define Deployments to create new ReplicaSets, or to remove existing Deployments and adopt all their resources with new Deployments.

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