Due to a recent response left by one of the visitors, I decided to share some words with everyone who visits here.

First of all, to all of you, no matter for what reason you visits my blog,

Azure Vnet Peering Connection Filtered by Azure Firewall


This lab is pretty simple. The main idea is to filter Vnet peering connections. There are three Vnets in this architecture, one as hub, hosting Azure Firewall and other two as spokes, hosting VMs.

Spokes will peer with hub, traffics between spokes are forwarded to Azure Firewall for filtering…

Azure Application Gateway before Azure Firewall

Image: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/architecture/example-scenario/gateway/firewall-application-gateway#application-gateway-before-firewall

Same as before, requests came in from customer regarding couple Azure Firewall scenarios. In order to respond with profession, a prior lab is definitely needed.

Usual and common steps are omitted. Only key steps are recorded. For this structure, packets from client to AG must forward to FW…

Dynamic VPN Routing Between Azure Virtual WAN and AWS Transit Gateway using BGP


In the previous post, I wrote about Static Site-to-Site VPN Between Azure Vnet and AWS VPC. In this post, I will write about dynamic VPN routing between Azure and AWS using BGP protocol.

Assuming all necessary resources such as, Vnet, VM, vWAN, VPC, Transit Gateway etc are already…


AWS Certified SA, SysOps & Developer Associate, Alibaba Cloud certified SA. Focusing on Azure, Prometheus w/ Grafana, ELK and K8S now.

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